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Computerised Accounting in Kenya

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Computerised Accounting in Kenya
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Its extremely difficult to maintain and record day to day operations on papers and ledger books unless the transactions are really small and reporting is not important in that scenario. Unfortunately many businesses operates and transacts in many transactions such that keeping records becomes a huge task and that is where we come in.

We make sure that every transaction is recorded promptly and management reports generated on time for the owners to make informed decision. Delaying reporting and recording of transactions can be catastrophic and can even lead to liquidation of some businesses. Most businesses cannot afford to hire a permanent account to sit in the office a whole day whereas the amount of work involved is not much. Secondly, the resources required to  maintain the accountant is also costly and thirdly the social security expenses such as insurance, pension etc will be incurred.

At a fixed monthly or annual fee we at Laxia Africa will offer the services of managing the finance department on a professional manner with minimal interruptions and cost. The business will save close to 60% of the monthly salary payable to the permanently employed person.

We help our clients outsource  in the following areas;

  • Source accounting software based on the clients need
  • Implementation of the accounting software
  • Online and/or Onsite support
  • Software vouchers customization
  • Report customization
  • Backup and recovery of data
  • Installation and setup
  • System Data entry
  • User training

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